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    review rating 5  Dr Scott is extremely knowledgeable about many different aspects of dentistry. She was so kind and gentle with my newborn as she was getting her tongue tie laser-corrected. I recommend her to everyone.

    thumb Melinda Wedgewood

    review rating 5  Doctor Scott and her entire organization are the best I've ever experienced in dentistry. If you want dentistry done right and a dentist focused on whole body wellness look no further. Friendly & knowledgeable staff.

    thumb Matthew Jay

    review rating 5  Dr. Teresa is a knowledgeable and caring person. She truly cares about you and your health. She goes to a lot of dental training to deliver the best care for patients. I’m so glad to have known her and her work. Thank you.

    thumb Janice Doan

    review rating 5  Just went through two rounds of amalgam removal and could not have been more pleased. I was incredibly nervous from past experiences and they did absolutely everything possible to make this a completely different experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott and her amazing team!!

    thumb erin mulvany

    review rating 5  I was totally impressed with the quality and care I received from Dr Scott and her staff. I had extensive work done and it began with a complete comprehensive consultation. They took great care of me! I’ve already told several friends about her and her staff.

    thumb Leo Ryan

    review rating 5  Dr Teresa Scott & her staff deserve 5 star for many reasons. I would like to highlight a few . This office/practice is extremely knowledgeable on prevention and healthy alternatives to dental health. Secondly, Dr Teresa Scott loves to seek out knowledge and truth. If she doesn’t know something she will research it and make adjustments in her practice if necessary. It is my thought that we as individuals must take responsibility for our own health. This office provides information presenting pros and cons thus allowing patients to be informed partakers in their dental health decisions. Thank you Dr Scott & Staff

    thumb Pam Queck

    review rating 5  Dr. Teresa Scott is absolutely amazing. She is not only highly recommended by so many patients and mommies, she is also highly recommended by many dentists, including me. Dr. Scott has the biggest heart and deepest passion to help patients, fellow dentists to get better and healthier. She has such an incredible team that supports her vision and practice philosophy. You are in good hands. Thank you Dr. Scott for everything.

    thumb Katie To

    review rating 5  I was so happy that I finally found a Biological dentist like Dr. Scott. I feel so at ease and comfortable in discussing my dental problems and needs with her . I trusted her right away that she will be the one who will fix not only my dental issues but my general health as well - - my mind, body and spirit. Her staff were all nice, accomodating and answer your question with all honesty. Their office radiates positive energy with all those organic products that they use and served for their clients.

    thumb Joy Gaitan

    review rating 5  Our visit was pleasant, educational, and efficient. Just as always. I truly appreciate how patient the hygienist and Dr. Scott was with my little one.

    thumb Desirae Gallagher

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott’s entire office made me feel like I was in the best hands possible. Dentists cannot do their own dentistry - so I have put off my own dental needs for entirely too long. Dr. Scott is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and so kind and gentle. She is a perfectionist and wants what is in the best interest of her patients. She doesn’t see her patients as a set of teeth, but actually cares deeply about their overall health and the connection between their mouth and their systemic health. She talks about all options when she discusses treatment and her standard of care is top notch. She doesn’t just do a good enough job - she puts her heart and soul into her dentistry. Her passion for health and for helping people is evident in the ways she engages and connects with people. I trust her completely and I am so grateful to have her as my own dentist. Her team is Amaaaazing by the way - they are so organized, efficient, and just go above and beyond in patient care. They love what they do and are happy to work in this office. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk in. Thank you to your entire team for taking good care of me!!

    thumb Megan Bradley

    review rating 5  Dr. Teresa Scott is one of the Best Dentist in Texas. She is a professional in her craft. I went into her office and was greeted by a very friendly staff and I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Everything was excellent, and the dental hygienist Kelly is just Awesome. The office manager Daisy is a blessing as well. Thanks so much again for the awesome service. This is 10 Star Office.

    thumb J H

    review rating 5  I love Dr. Scott and her staff! They are super friendly and go above and beyond to help you out. They helped me to heal when I was sick so I was able to recover quickly, and therefore be able to remove my amalgam crown, and place a new non mercury based one. She takes extra precautions when removing it. I'm so thankful to have found her. My kids love her too?

    thumb Nidia Cabrera

    review rating 5  One of the kindest and most considerate holistic dentists in the United States. Extremely dedicated to patient care and reaseaching alternative therapies. Also, a kind and gentle doctor who cares deeply about every patient.

    thumb Jessica Shireman

    review rating 5  This was a very productive visit and included cleaning and treatments and a great discussion on what to do and not do for optimum teeth/gum health. Time very well spent. I have complete confidence in the team to care for my teeth and gums now and moving forward.

    thumb Diana Akins

    review rating 5  Amazing group of people! All very knowledgable, caring, dedicated, thorough, hard working and friendly. Great experience for my whole family from my two year old to my husband. Well worth the half hour drive to have this kind of whole dentistry.

    thumb S Brent

    review rating 5  I am a fairly new patient and came to Teresa's office in search of a dentist that would listen to my concerns and knowledgeable about cost-effective options. My first time there was to get a cleaning because I was overdue due to recovering from medical procedures. My hygienist was so pleasant and she took such care about getting every last bit out of my mouth that needed to come out. She went over and over and over and under every possible angle on every tooth. I have never seen anyone take such precision and care like that! I was told that my gums may be a little irritated because some of the gunk was worked loose that was way under there and they were right but I switched with some mineral salt water for a few days and they looked amazing. I went back to finish my x-rays and get more information about my tongue tie problem that was causing my gums to severely recede the lower two front teeth. I've been to lots of dentists in my life. And Theresa asked me "are you sure that no dentist has ever told you that you are tongue tied in all three places?" Bc she could tell just by looking at my mouth that I had lots of procedures through the years. I said no nobody but her. You know her website says that she stays up to date on information and I looked this up later and I saw that this truly is something that dentists are just now beginning to tell their patients and yet Teresa talked about their procedures and explained them and diagnosed me right on the spot without even having to look anything up! She knew the answer to every question and she put it into plain English and then she told me a list of symptoms that she bet that I had been experiencing because of this and I had affirmed every single one! Now that is truly an up-to-date dentist! She is fluent in all kinds of Advanced Technologies while the rest of the world is just now learning about her may be don't know about yet! And to me that gives a lot more options and is one reason enough to switch over to her alone and then you have all of her other awesome qualities and things that she offers! They were willing to wait until I could save enough money to have my three tongue ties cut which was today. She offers Holistic Solutions as well as traditional Solutions which is great. That way if we need medication that isn't holistic she'll consider that too but she also has quite a story about herself and how much healthier she is now through natural things. She is definitely an all-in-one dentist. So especially for you crunchy parents or even if you're just concerned about all the chemicals out there, or maybe you really want to feel like you're heard or an all-in-one dentist where you can take your children to and yourself. That's where you need to go. She also diagnosed my seven-year-old with the three tongue ties that I just had taken care of today. And I plan on taking him there to have his taken care of. That way he doesn't have to go through what I did being told by every dentist that it was only because of gum disease. Her entire staff is wonderful they are not overly nice as in fake nice - you can tell that's really them! They really really do care. And that's a lot. I pray she always stays in practice because that's where I'm going and where my family is going. I know this was long but there are just too many wonderful things to say and there is still more left to say but instead give them a call- schedule an appointment, talk with them and go up there and you'll see for yourself. They are truly a gift ❤️ I gave this review simply because her office sent me a follow-up text hoping that I am doing okay. And that's another thing they send you text to remind you and enable a simple response and that is convenient. From the time I first walked in her office I didn't feel like I was in a dentist office. I felt like I was amongst friends who really care about each other and everyone that comes. Thank you Teresa Josie Daisy Shunta and team ❤️?

    thumb Holli Solenberger

    review rating 5  Teresa was great with my little one who is very shy. Very gentle and kind. The whole staff was very kind and helpful. Will definitely continue to use services here.

    thumb Brittnee Trimm

    review rating 5  I love Dr. Scott & all the staff. They are all very nice, helpful & they are very good at making you feel calm while getting dental work done. Also another plus there is absolutely no pain during procedures & I'm always so relaxed during the procedures I fall asleep!! My whole family loves Dr. Scott & her staff. I refuse to go any where else.

    thumb Tammy Jay

    review rating 5  I took my two year old there for the first time and we had an incredible visit with Dr. Scott. I learned so much. If you are looking for someone with a truly holistic approach she's the one to go to. The only downside to the visit was the wait time (a little over an hour) but for me the extra knowledge was well worth the wait. I've already recommend her to a friend.

    thumb Tikisha Mallard

    review rating 5  When I walk into Dr. Scott’s office, the entire staff greets us. They are friendly and accommodating and I never have to wait long to see Dr. Scott. The office is always clean and each dental assistant has their own area that they make their own. My cleanings are always pleasant and gentle. I always look forward to a dentist visit.

    thumb Emily Smith

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