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    5 star review  They use extensive preventive practices against COVID and offer services on teeth cleaning beyond normal cleaning like ozone which kills bacteria in the gum line. The Hygenists wear $2000 helmets that completely seals their face while they are working on the patient. There are 11 expensive air filters in every room, cleaning the air. They go above and beyond for patient and staff safety. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Roxanne Stage

    5 star review  Dr. Scott's office EXCEEDS all my expectations of what my dental visit should require. I have continued my dental visits with the confidence that procedures in place PRIOR to COVID-19 were EXCELLENT and well above those required and those procedures continue. The concern for patient and staff safety has ALWAYS been a priority at Dr. Scott's office. I will continue to have routine cleanings and office visits at Dr. Scott's office knowing that every precaution has been taken for my safety and well being. I would recommend Dr. Scott's office to anyone seeking superior dental health.

    thumb Ellie Monteaux

    5 star review  Dr Scott got was awesome! She got us in quickly and gave me peace of mind after my daughter had a dental accident. She has a very calming presence. The office was very clean and well maintained. They had many innovative ways to stop the spread of covid in the office.

    thumb Elissa

    5 star review  I have never left a doctors office and felt more taken care of than here! Their entire team is outstanding and so knowledgeable, from the front desk to the doctors themselves! Dr. Perry was very warm and outgoing, and everyone was so patient with me and my questions! And Dr. Perry really listened to me and my concerns and took the time to explain this to me that I was curious about. I wish I could give higher than 5 stars! Not to mention Dr. Perry’s holistic background. I felt heard and valued as a patient and as a person. I live over an hour away but it is so worth it for the exceptional care!

    thumb Blaire McBurney

    5 star review  We love Dr. Scott and we love her employees! Everyone in her office is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s no wonder I only trust her with my family’s dental health!

    thumb Amy Pope

    5 star review  They use extensive preventive practices against COVID and offer services on teeth cleaning beyond normal cleaning like ozone which kills bacteria in the gum line

    thumb Roxanne Stage

    5 star review  Love Dr. Scott because her practice is about your health as a whole and discuss the best options for you. I have much better gum condition and healthier teeth since been with them. My whole family get lots of education on oral hygiene. The office is super clean and very hygiene conscious. Staff is very friendly. I always get notifications and reminders which are very helpful because I am a pretty busy person. The best dentist and hygienist team I have had by far. I highly recommend.

    thumb Prosper Dogbatse

    5 star review  Dr. Scott and her staff are amazing. My baby had rapid tooth decay at 10 months I consulted several dentists and they all said the same thing I could wait it out or put her under anesthesia. She was under any weight requirement.. 2 of her teeth decayed all the way to the gums. I finally found Teresa Scott who gave me another option which halted her decay immediately. After moving we went to another dentist and they told me she urgently and immediately needed 4 teeth pulled and we soon learned the drive was worth it! She was able to make it 2 more years without having her teeth pulled and no anesthesia was necessary she was able to numb her and do it. She was able to make it to 4 years. She was also the only medical professional to even realize she had a tounge and lip tie along with other dental issues and take the time out to explain everything and work out a treatment plan. She even picked up on her having allergies and following her recommendations has helped so much! She sang to her when she was so small and even now talks and explains things to her and encourages her when she doesn't have to. She is so kind and patient with her and trust me when I tell you she is not the easiest to get to cooperate. She has kept a close eye on her and I will only consult her. They are upfront with the cost and have very fair pricing. She has saved my sanity lol and I am so thankful for her more than words can say. They make us feel like family.

    thumb Victoria Camarillo

    5 star review  Dr. Perry and staff are wonderful. They make patients feel safe and really listen. Plus Dr. Perry practices functional/holistic dentistry and can help solve the cause of dental and TMJ and bite/swallow/airway problems and not just a offer a cosmetic solution. They also use state-of-the-art equipment and best-practices.

    thumb S G

    5 star review  When I walk in I have never waited more than 2 -3 minutes so I really appreciate their punctuality. Dr Scott is patient and cool with my 5 year old. She is compassionate and is great at explaining to me all my endless questions. She gave me references of books to learn more and best of all she uses minimal or no harmful chemicals with all the latest technology for making our treatment efficient and effective. She never tries to talk me into anything just explains the facts and shows me my own x rays to demonstrate. I really wish I could have had her as my dentist as a kid!

    thumb Cyndi Cosme Melton

    5 star review  I was greeted by name when I walked in the door. My assistant chantel was knowledgeable and did everything to make me feel comfortable in my pain. Dr Scott explained everything in great detail with all my options, with such warmth and care. And daisy explained the financial part without making me feel bad. I would recommend Dr Scott and her team to anyone!!!

    thumb paula harrison

    5 star review  Dr. Scott and her entire team are an absolute joy to visit. Even my grade school boys are excited when we have appointments. The staff is friendly, kind and accommodating. The hygienists remember us like old friends and really care about the health of their patients. Dr. Scott puts more thought, care and pours more money into her office than any other doctor I’ve met. She makes sure top quality and cutting edge equipment is used in her office and she is constantly learning and making things better for her patients. It’s difficult to find a dentist who is at the forefront of airway expansion, going fluoride-free, being as holistic as possible—but Dr. Scott is just that. She even recently purchased a medical grade air purifier to give her patients the best treatment. The toothpaste in the bathroom is high quality with clean ingredients. The coffee bar in the waiting room is full of organic options and stocked full of every natural sweetener and non-dairy creamer your heart desires. Dr. Scott doesn’t just care for teeth. She cares about every aspect of her patients’ lives and gives them the best she can. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and her team for every reason imaginable.

    thumb Emily Gehrke

    5 star review  After missing my appointment in November and being too busy to reschedule. I called on 1/15 to try to get an appointment for cleaning. After being on a short hold I was able to get in on 1/16. Dr Scott and her staff know me well enough to know if the didn’t get me in this week it would probably be another 3 months before I called to schedule. My point is they take the time and make the effort to know their patients on not just a clinical level but on a personal level. I wish I could find an MD with this kind of caring. Thank you Dr Scott and Staff ????

    thumb Chip Nunez

    5 star review  I have never had a dentist or doctor explain a CT scan so thoroughly. Dr Scott’s knowledge is incredible. She seeks the best solutions for her patients. Little did I know that my breathing airway was so limited. My journey is just beginning for better health. Her staff is also incredible. Thank you. Shelly Morgan

    thumb Derryl Morgan

    5 star review  Love this practice. Dr. Scott is a wealth of knowledge, and her staff is wonderful. We've been going here for over 7 years, and we've been very pleased. the whole family goes here.

    thumb Courtney Barta

    5 star review  Dr. Teresa Scott is a one-of-a-kind functional medicine dentist. She truly loves what she is doing and it shows in how much she cares about her patients, and goes out of her way to educate them. She keeps up with state-of-the-art holistic dentistry and is decades ahead of her peers when it comes to evidenced-based functional dentistry. She is so much more than a dentist. Her knowledge and expertise is helping people transform their total health, not just their dental health. I feel so fortunate to have found her, as her expertise has provided the missing link to my health concerns. Her staff is equally as caring and efficient, as they have gone out of their way to assure that all my needs have been met. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and her team for your dental health needs.

    thumb Dr. Cheryl Winter

    5 star review  Doctor Scott is great! She is on the cutting edge in the services she offers, and the constant research she is doing. Our whole family goes here, and we all love her, as well as all of her staff! They are the best, each and every one of them! We drive from Conroe at about once a month for dental appliance checkups, and cleanings, and wouldn't recommend anywhere else. If you live in the area, you should absolutely make every effort to go, even just once to decide for yourself - you won't regret it! It's worth it to have someone looking out for your whole health, not just your teeth. PS - My kids are all 6 and under, and they go with me whenever I get my teeth cleaned (every 3 months). Believe it or not, they get excited when they hear we are going to the dentist, and are actually disappointed if it's not for them to have their teeth cleaned!

    thumb Mandi Jackson

    5 star review  Best dentist and staff around. We drive over an hour to see Dr. Scott. We love her and her team!

    thumb Alyssa Ewart

    5 star review  My experience was wonderful... the nurse and dr Scott were amazing... so much attention to every detail... I learned so many things today that I never even knew existed ... thank you for being so patient and kind with someone who has struggled with dental health my entire life... I look forward to having dr Scott help me get my smile and health back... I’m so thankful.

    thumb Lori Roberts

    5 star review  The office of Dr. Teresa Scott is not your every day run of the mill facility. If you are on the crunchy granola side of things you will be in heaven at her office. How often does a medical office call you to say “hey we have had a cancellation would you like to come in?” They offered me several visits before my scheduled one. Clearly the front desk is run as sharply as the back office. Clean, professional, caring and up to speed on current developments when dealing with oral care (not limited to just teeth either). As long as my bank account can handle it, myself and my son, will be a client of Dr. Scott’s. May I also mention Dr. Klein is also a 5 star DDS at the same address now a days. When your doing something right, you grow. Way to go Dr. Scott! You get it! ????????

    thumb MsGofstr .

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