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    review rating 5  The office of Dr. Teresa Scott is not your every day run of the mill facility. If you are on the crunchy granola side of things you will be in heaven at her office. How often does a medical office call you to say “hey we have had a cancellation would you like to come in?” They offered me several visits before my scheduled one. Clearly the front desk is run as sharply as the back office. Clean, professional, caring and up to speed on current developments when dealing with oral care (not limited to just teeth either). As long as my bank account can handle it, myself and my son, will be a client of Dr. Scott’s. May I also mention Dr. Klein is also a 5 star DDS at the same address now a days. When your doing something right, you grow. Way to go Dr. Scott! You get it! 👏🏼

    thumb MsGofstr .

    review rating 5  How is it that the dreaded dental visits end up being so much better than expected and you leave feeling better than when you arrived? Easy - its the love and care you get at Dr. Scott's office!! 💕 Kelli is wonderful and always takes great care of me!!! The front office staff is great and of course, Dr. Scott rocks!! If you need a dentist that will take care of you like no one else, go see these awesome ladies!!!!😁😁

    thumb Becky Vance

    review rating 5  I brought my daughter here for the 1st time today, she was super nervous. The ladies helped ease her with their friendliness and explanations of what they were doing. They made our experience fun, which isn't typical being at a dentist.

    thumb Laura Becker

    review rating 5  Once again another fantastic experience with Dr Scott! Had my amalgam removed yesterday and as always I was very relaxed, comfortable.

    thumb Kristina Pruett

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott is always a joy to visit even as a dentist! She is extremely knowledgeable and you can trust she has your best interest at heart. Her entire staff reflects the same care across the board.

    thumb Bobbie Spencer

    review rating 5  If you are looking for an honest opinion and trustworthy people, this is the place. I have never felt more comfortable going to the dentist than I did today. Extremely happy overall! Thank you everyone that helped me understand what was the real issue was with my teeth.

    thumb Lacey Wells

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott is very personable and really cares about her patients. She is dedicated to using the best methods in her dentistry, to keep toxins down and find materials that are compatible with each patient. I really love her.

    thumb Mimi 321

    review rating 5  I am a dentist myself and chose to go see Dr Scott for safe removal of my mercury fillings. The facility is gorgeous and clean, the team was pleasant and organized from the front to the back, the injection was painless, and the procedure itself was a breeze. Additionally Dr. Scott is just beyond amazing with her unique experiences and knowledge that allow her to practice dentistry different than most.

    thumb Tricia Linger

    review rating 5  A very remarkable Dentist, Dr. Scott isn’t just extremely talented, she loves what she does with her whole heart and soul and the work she performs mimics this. I would recommend her immediately. Dr. Scott only uses the very best materials and the most modern technology. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

    thumb Daniela Byland

    review rating 5  Amazing group of people! All very knowledgable, caring, dedicated, thorough, hard working and friendly. Great experience for my whole family from my two year old to my husband. Well worth the half hour drive to have this kind of whole dentistry.

    thumb S Brent

    review rating 5  Thank you very much to Dr Scott and her staff. Everyone from the time you step into the door is very friendly. Especially the front desk! Dr Scott is very gentle I didn’t even know she had done any work. After 30 years of avoiding the dentist I am glad to have found this one. All around an amazing practice. Thank you!. Had another awesome experience with Dr. Scott and her staff. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who is looking for a dentist. Dr. Scott and her staff are extremely professional and very caring. They do everything in there power to make you feel comfortable and they provide you with exceptional care.Thanks to everyone for an awesome experience.

    thumb MARCUM OLANO

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott and her associates are amazing! Everyone at the front desk is always so kind and friendly. They are also on top of things and very well organized and helpful. The whole office, including the waiting area, is immaculately clean. It is also warm and inviting, and it's obvious that a lot of thought went into the setting to help patients feel at home. The little play niche is so sweet and just right for little ones, too. Both my kids and myself love coming to the dentist and seeing the hygienist as well. The first time I got to see Dr. Scott, she confirmed everything I always suspected about my bite that every other dentist I'd seen had shrugged off. I have major issues with my teeth because of my bite, and Dr. Scott explained everything to me in detail and started with prioritizing the most critical issues first instead of trying to sell me on multiple treatments at a time. My kids always have an excellent experience, too, and they love the bathroom with the kid-size working toilet and small sink! Can't say enough great things and so thankful for this awesome dentist and her team. Be aware that they don't take insurance. However for many common services, the insurance is still billed as out of network. All costs are given to you as an estimate up front, so zero surprises.

    thumb Summer Rodenhauser

    review rating 5  Patient for over 15 years!! My wife was afraid of going to ANY dentist appointment until she meet Dr. Scott! To say her level of care is great would be an understatement. She doesn’t believe in a patient leaving her care in pain, she listens and develops treatments that best fits your lifestyle and needs, and gives you options that’s affordable!! The office environment and staff are truly top class! I use to be Dr Scott and staff favorite, now that title belongs to my wife! In all fairness; she’s my better half!! Go visit the place, you’ll love it!! KG.

    thumb Kirk Conroy

    review rating 5  Thank you very much to Dr Scott and her staff. Everyone from the time you step into the door is very friendly. Especially the front desk! Dr Scott is very gentle I didn’t even know she had done any work. After 30 years of avoiding the dentist I am glad to have found this one. All around an amazing practice. Thank you!

    thumb MARCUM OLANO

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott is completely wonderful!!! Ive been seeing her for 13 years- she truly cares about her patients- not just their teeth but the whole person. She is always up to date on the latest treatments and methods. She always makes me feel like family. I drive all the way from Atascocita to see her and it is worth the trip!! I have TMJ and they always work so patiently with me whether during cleanings or other procedures. Absolutely love Kelly and actually look forward to my cleanings due to her kindness , gentleness and friendship! Love my dentist and her staff!!!!😙💖💖💖

    thumb Becky Vance

    review rating 5  I had an appt with Dr. Scott today. The office staff was very helpful and kind. Dr. Scott's assistant was very engaged; careful to answer any questions I had and did her best to make me comfortable. Dr. Scott was thorough and patient. She was also engaged during our visit and explained to me all my options. Look forward to working with her in the near future.

    thumb Washaun Simpson

    review rating 5  My 3 yo had to have a lot of dental work done. I went to several different dentists but did not feel comfortable with anyone until we found Dr.Scott. The entire staff was amazing. They go the extra mile to make sure your child is safe and unafraid. Dr. Scott takes the time to really listen. Highly recommend!

    thumb Sandy Probstfeld

    review rating 5  Wonderful Experience and Quality Holistic Dental Care.Dr. Scott is so kind, sweet and very efficient. Her staff is so friendly and caring. I visited Dr. Scott office from out of state to have my mercury fillings removed. Dr. Scott not only removed my amalgams she also addressed my other issues. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and had a cavitation surgery. I got everything needed done in just two days. Dr.Scott is very skilled and sensitive to all aspects patient needs. I was indeed very lucky to find her. I love that they are very knowledgeable about the effects of mercury fillings and take every precaution to keep their patients safe!

    thumb Sridevi Polavarapu

    review rating 5  Dr. Scott’s entire office made me feel like I was in the best hands possible. Dentists cannot do their own dentistry - so I have put off my own dental needs for entirely too long. Dr. Scott is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and so kind and gentle. She is a perfectionist and wants what is in the best interest of her patients. She doesn’t see her patients as a set of teeth, but actually cares deeply about their overall health and the connection between their mouth and their systemic health. She talks about all options when she discusses treatment and her standard of care is top notch. She doesn’t just do a good enough job - she puts her heart and soul into her dentistry. Her passion for health and for helping people is evident in the ways she engages and connects with people. I trust her completely and I am so grateful to have her as my own dentist. Her team is Amaaaazing by the way - they are so organized, efficient, and just go above and beyond in patient care. They love what they do and are happy to work in this office. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk in. Thank you to your entire team for taking good care of me!!

    thumb Megan Bradley

    review rating 5  My son and I have been going to see Dr. Scott for 4 years now. There's no one else I'd trust. She understands the complex health issues of my special needs son and helped us develop a plan to ensure he maintains good dental hygiene, which can be difficult for special needs individuals. I love that she is very holistic in her approach, taking into account the whole person's health. When I first started seeing her, I needed a lot of work done. Dr. Scott helped me develop a treatment plan to prioritize what needed to be done that fit my tight budget. Her staff are always super friendly and helpful. We feel like family here!

    thumb Bonnie Jensen

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