My first visit

Our dental hygienist or assistant takes a CBCT and X-rays of our patients’ mouth. We realize there is radiation and I have explained what we do to try to mitigate that in our office.  If you search through our previous posts, you will see why it’s important to take the diagnostic X-rays. At that appointment, they also take full mouth photographs, and chart the existing restorations in the mouth.

If the dental hygienist is doing the records appointment, she is also doing full mouth probing and a review of the health history to determine if we also need to recommend a sleep study to screen for sleep disordered breathing.

Financing & Insurance

Our office has chosen to be out of network for insurance purposes. What that means is that our patients pay us, and we file insurance claims as a courtesy to them, and the insurance company pays our patient. This takes us out of that hamster wheel and allows us to focus on true relationship building and caring for our patients.

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We do understand that biological dentistry can often be a significant financial commitment. To that end, we have partnered with Care Credit and iCreditWorks to help our patients finance their dental care needs.


What is the difference between biological dentistry and conventional dentistry?

To me, biological dentistry is just... AMAZING dentistry! I have never felt any other way about it. Every time I learn a new concept in biological dentistry, I just feel like I'm learning something that will help my patients even more.

What is the New Patient Experience?

We are honored that you’ve chosen us to be your holistic (biological) dental providers! Dr. Teresa Scott, Dr. Rachel Perry, and our team of holistic professionals are looking forward to serving your needs.

The Elephant in the Room

The “Elephant in the Room” in dentistry is always going to be the cost of amazing care. So let’s talk about why biological dentistry is so darned expensive and why any dentist who chooses this path tends to go out of network and fee for service as quickly as they can.