What is Nitrous Sedation?

Nitrous sedation is ideal for patients who want to be relaxed and calm during their dental appointments. This type of sedative is safe, effective and can be used for patients of all ages. The process of administering nitrous oxide is easy and quick, and the effects wear off quickly once the procedure has been completed. We often recommend nitrous oxide to patients who are nervous or scared of their upcoming treatment or who have trouble sitting still when work is being done.

Why is Nitrous Sedation needed?

There are a few reasons for why you might want to choose nitrous oxide sedation. The most common reason for wanting it is because you're afraid, nervous or downright panicked because of the work being done. You might benefit from this type of sedative if you are unable to sit still for long periods of time. This sedative option is ideal for patients who want to benefit from some type of sedation without necessarily being asleep for the procedure.

Who is a candidate for Nitrous Sedation?

Most of our patients are good candidates for nitrous oxide sedation. We will review your health and medical history to determine if and when you'd benefit from sedation. You can request nitrous oxide at virtually any time while in our office. We will be happy to meet your needs when coming in to have work done.

What happens during the Nitrous Sedation process?

Nitrous oxide is a relatively simple sedative that can work wonders when it comes to calming you down and relaxing you. We will place a small mask over your nose and instruct you to breathe in. The sweet-smelling gas will begin to work almost immediately, relaxing and calming you while we begin the actual procedure. Once the mask is removed, the effects wear off relatively quickly. It is still important that you have a friend or relative bring you home from the appointment as you may not be able to drive on your own.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation has long been used in the dental field to help keep patients calm and comfortable. We understand that visiting the dentist isn't always a fun experience and that some people have anxiety related to their treatment. For these reasons, we offer several different types of sedatives to help make your experience with us more relaxed. Sedation is ideal for patients of all ages and varying needs.

Why might you benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

There are a few reasons for needing sedation dentistry. You might have severe anxiety attacks or suffer from panic attacks when coming into the office. Likewise, you might have issues sitting still for treatment. Regardless of your current problem, sedation can help to improve your experience with us in the office.

Who would benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is customized to meet the needs of each of our patients. For this reason, it is safe for the majority of our patients coming into the office. Even children can benefit from sedation, as it helps to relax them during otherwise scary appointments. We will go over all health and medical history before offering any sedation to you or a family member.

What happens during Sedation Dentistry?

The first step is to consult with you and determine what type of sedation is right for your needs. We will then work on providing you with the treatment that is right for you. Nitrous oxide is a popular option that involves breathing in a sweet-smelling gas that puts you into a deeply relaxed state, but it leaves your body within minutes of stopping the gas.  It's the lightest form of anxiety control. Oral sedation is ideal for patients who don't necessarily find that the nitrous oxide is sufficient for their needs. It lasts longer, and requires an hour for it to take effect after administration, and a driver after treatment. Deeper sedation, known also as IV sedation is safe, effective and can help to put you into a sleep-like state while in the office. It is best for our patients who are undergoing extensive treatment, or whose prior dental experiences have left them traumatized and needing to simply sleep through their appointment. We arrange to bring in our board certified anesthesiologist to keep you or your child comfortable and very safe during the process.

If you think you might benefit from sedation, call our office today and one of our helpful team members will be happy to further assist you.