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What is Bio-compatibility testing?

We use EAV (ElectroAcupuncture According to Voll) by International Health Technologies in both compatibility testing AND meridian stress assessments in our office, during the diagnostic phase of our new patient experience. We also use it during surgery to ensure that we reestablish the bioelectric currents through the meridian so that our cells can communicate properly.  So it's a super useful tool!

Unfortunately, some believe that EAV is Woo. The same might also believe that Acupuncture is Woo. So I wanted to explain a bit more about how the technology works because it is most certainly NOT WOO. How do I know this? Because WOO can't be measured by a computer. Science is measurable and repeatable. Woo is not. It's really that simple. The beauty of our bodies is that we are electric. We conduct electricity. THAT is what energy means. That is what is measured with EAV. Have you ever heard of an EKG? Or an EEG? Those are very common medical tests that measure the electrical activity of the heart and the brain. Folks, the heart and the brain are not the only things in our bodies that have electrical activity. Literally, ALL of our cells do. EAV is simply another tool, just like EKG or EEG, that can be used to measure that circuit conductivity and connectivity.  

EAV measures the electrical conductivity of our body in response to something. Depending on what location you use, you can measure different things. For example, biocompatibility testing is done on the first knuckle of the middle finger. That is apparently the "allergy" electrical outlet for the body. But tooth meridians are measured between the base of the thumb and the wrist, on two different spots, depending on whether they are upper or lower jaw. It's FASCINATING to me that these things can be measured at all, and yet, the computer doesn't lie!  

The reason that it's measured along acupuncture lines is that those are our body's "cable connections". Just as our homes are wired from a central source, and then the bigger wires are split into smaller ones, and eventually electricity goes to a plug, every cell in our body is wired to a specific circuit within the body. Why? Because it makes the signals from that cell travel back and forth from the brain faster. We were designed with such intricate detail by our creator. Each circuitry path is known as a meridian within the acupuncture discipline. It's literally an electrical conduit. Like the electrical cable from your plug to your breaker box. An electrician can measure whether or not electrical current is flowing to a cable or plug, and how strong it is. It's science, pure and simple.  

Acupuncture was developed over 5000 years ago in Asia, and they discovered bioelectricity without calling it that. They simply called it yin and yang. Positive energy and negative energy. But in the end, it's all really bioelectrical energy. Not Woo. It is measurable and repeatable, and therefore, fully scientific. In the thousands of years it took to develop and refine the understanding of the body's bioelectrical wiring, acupuncture has come so far that they can literally do surgery on people without using anesthesia of any kind, just by manipulating those electrical currents in the body!  

Now, I am not in any way claiming I can do surgery without anesthesia! BUT, we have learned the EAV techniques sufficiently that we can measure those body currents during surgery. We also use EAV to do biocompatibility testing and are working on being self-sufficient in full meridian stress assessment testing. We have more new patients than our naturopath can handle (it's a good problem to have, but it is creating a bit of an issue for us), so we have several team members training to do the EAV testing in our office. As it stands, when our Mimi goes on vacation, we can't do any oral surgery procedures, because she is the only one currently who does the EAV during surgery!  So to remedy that, we are training new team members to learn that skill.  

Also, as I mentioned in the previous post with these photos, our new patient experience is extensive and detailed. Given that our naturopath is overwhelmed by all of our new patients, we are training several of our team members to be able to use the EAV machine to do the testing on our patients.

I hope this explains a bit more about why we use EAV technology in our office, and also why we think it's the coolest!

Why would Bio-compatibility testing be needed?

Bio-compatibility testing is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the safety of individuals who may be exposed to materials or products during medical procedures or in their daily lives. By assessing the potential risks and adverse reactions, bio-compatibility testing helps prevent harmful effects such as allergies, inflammation, or toxicity.

Secondly, this testing is essential for regulatory compliance. Regulatory bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health authorities, often require bio-compatibility data as part of the approval process for medical devices, drugs, and other healthcare products. By providing comprehensive testing results, manufacturers can demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of their products, facilitating their market entry.

Furthermore, bio-compatibility testing plays a crucial role in product development. It allows researchers and engineers to identify potential issues early in the design phase, enabling them to make necessary modifications to enhance safety and performance. This proactive approach saves both time and resources by mitigating the risk of product recalls or post-market complications.

Who would be a candidate for Bio-compatibility testing?

Several individuals and industries benefit from bio-compatibility testing. Healthcare professionals, including doctors, surgeons, and dentists, rely on these tests to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices and implants used in patient care. This includes artificial joints, pacemakers, dental implants, and various surgical instruments.

Pharmaceutical companies and researchers also utilize bio-compatibility testing to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drug formulations. This helps identify potential adverse reactions and ensures that medications are well-tolerated by patients.

Moreover, manufacturers of consumer products, such as cosmetics, personal care items, and contact lenses, utilize bio-compatibility testing to assess their products' suitability for human use. By conducting these tests, they can provide consumers with safer and more reliable products.

What happens during the Bio-compatibility testing procedure?

The bio-compatibility testing procedure consists of several steps to comprehensively assess the interaction between a material or product and the human body. Testing materials compatibility assists the dentist in the selection of materials for my individual case. Blood will only show adverse responses by developing antibodies for items that you have been exposed to in the past. EAV is helpful in guiding choices where there has never been a prior exposure. If there are energetic mismatches found that can't be remedied (for example, you already have a titanium implant in your mouth) you may be referred for NAET (Nambudripat's Allergy Elimination Technique).

The process of scanning is painless. There are no needles, no blood, and testing is painless. The Day Of testing, we ask our patients for:

  • NO lotion on hands
  • HYDRATE!! (50% of body weight in ounces minimum - for example, if you weigh 100 lbs, you must drink 50 oz of water within 4 hours of your appointment)

The following can interfere with the scan, so we ask our patients to not take any prescription or supplement or do any therapeutic modality within 12 hours of their appointment unless it's life saving (ie. insulin):

Prescriptions, OTC Drugs and Supplements:

  • Steroids
  • Aspirin
  • Pain Killers
  • Antidepressants
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Therapeutic Teas

Therapeutic Modalities:

  • Chiropractic
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage


  • Yoga
  • Competitive Sports
  • Training
  • Daily Exercise Routines


  • Results may vary while menstruating

We will NOT scan patients with the following:

  • Open skin on fingers (Wounds, cuts, abrasions)
  • Implanted electrical device such as pacemakers or electrical devices on the body
  • Pregnant
  • Patients diagnosed with anaphylaxis conditions or history of seizures

By following these steps, bio-compatibility testing helps us determine which dental materials are best specifically for YOUR body.