What is the New Patient Experience?

We are honored that you’ve chosen us to be your holistic (biological) dental providers! Dr. Teresa Scott, Dr. Rachel Perry, and our team of holistic professionals are looking forward to serving your needs. Due to the nature of our practice, your experience with us will be quite enhanced from what you may be accustomed to in another office, and we want to help to prepare you for your New Patient Experience! Our approach to biological dentistry is that we see the mouth as an integral part of the whole body. We actually CARE how materials we use and procedures we perform can affect the body and how interferences in the mouth can also affect the body. Because of this, our ADULT New Patient Experience is a 3-4 step process.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

To fully understand what condition your mouth is in, at our first visit we take a 3D scan, full-set of low radiation x-rays, pictures of existing teeth, and restorations, and if possible, our hygienist evaluates your periodontal pockets. This is our RECORDS APPOINTMENT. Your investment for this appointment will range from  $700 to $950, depending on if we send you home with a sleep study. If your medical or dental history show a likelihood of sleep disordered breathing, we WILL send you home with the sleep study, as it is an important component of what has potentially caused your dental and health issues. It is important to TEST, NOT GUESS. During this appointment, we will also give you a supplement to negate any negative effects of any radiation from the x-rays. Dental Cleaning is NOT performed until we have had a chance to fully evaluate all data we gather, because a full assessment of your systemic condition needs to be evaluated and that would be with an Integrative or Functional Medicine Doctor. Therefore, it may be the third or even 4th visit with us when you actually get a cleaning. We promise, we WILL clean your teeth - after we gather all of the information we need.

What should I expect at my second appointment?

Your second appointment with us will be a BioCompatibility test and a MINI Meridian Stress Assessment with one of our qualified EAV team members. Your investment for this appointment will be $175. They will evaluate the presence of any sensitivities or reactivity to any of the commonly used materials in our dental office, such as filling materials, bonding agents, etc. All of our materials have been vetted for safety and biocompatibility but not all materials can be used with all patients so this test will guide us in what materials work best for you. If they find that there are potential burdens to your body on your teeth during the Mini Meridian Stress Assessment, we will refer you to our naturopath to confirm that there is indeed a problem that we need to address.

Not everyone needs to take this extra half step, so the mini assessment will tell us if you need that additional appointment or not with Dr. Dawn. The referring doctor that we work closely with is Dr. Dawn Ewing of Holistic Health Alternatives, her website is DrDawn.net. Her office is located at 5521 Louetta Rd. Suite D, Spring TX, and the contact number is 281-251-4411. The cost for Dr. Ewing’s office is separate from ours, and we do not know what her fees are. Do NOT make an appointment with Dr. Ewing UNLESS Mimi finds issues with your testing in our office. The results are immediately known. Dr. Ewing charges her own fee, and we don’t know what that is.

What should I expect at my third appointment?

After ALL of that data gathering, you will FINALLY meet with the Doctor for the dental exam and review all of the findings from our data gathering. Your investment for this appointment will be $275. At this visit, you will sit with the doctor for about an hour, and they will perform an evaluation of your medical history, you gum health and periodontal charting to determine the type of cleaning you need, oral cancer screening, iodine deficiency screening, nutritional deficiency screening, mercury screening, a bite evaluation, TMJ evaluation, check for tethered oral tissues of the tongue, lip and cheek, evaluation for infections, airway insufficiencies, cavitations, dental decay and overall oral health. They will review all necessary recommendations with you before you leave. Most importantly at this appointment, the Doctors build our relationship with you! From here we will schedule a cleaning that is appropriate for your needs and your dental treatment accordingly.

Children under age 16 don’t generally NEED all of these steps unless they have serious health issues, so we usually are able to do a comprehensive exam and cleaning at the same appointment. Unfortunately, our adults come to us with many more biological burdens and toxic exposures, so it takes a while to gather and assess the data for them.

Our belief is that the more informed you are with the treatment and therapies we can provide for your specific needs, the more empowered you are to make informed decisions about your health and the prospect of successful and productive appointments. We look forward to meeting you in person and are excited to see you achieve and maintain systemic health by helping to improve your oral health! Congratulations on taking this new step in your health journey!

  • Full mouth series of X-rays
  • CBCT
  • Full mouth photographs
  • Extensive health history
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Salivary pH Airway assessment
  • Oral Cancer Screen
  • Periodontal assessment
  • Airway evaluation
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Meridian stress assessment
  • Home sleep test screening
  • Extensive consultation/discussion with one of our doctors to create a plan that is specifically right for YOU.

If you are ready to come into our office for a dental appointment, call us today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

General Dentistry Services

General Dentistry

General dentistry is simply the dentistry that is normally done at any family practice type dental office. Biological dentists are still dentists. We still do fillings, crowns, extractions, etc. that are specific to correcting the functioning of your teeth while helping improve cosmetic problems.

Holistic/Biological Dentistry

The belief behind Holistic or Biological dentistry is that your every part of your body is directly connected to your health. We don't like to just fix, check and clean your teeth. We want to provide a fully realized connection between the health of your mouth and the health of the rest of your body.

Preventative Resins

Preventative resins are applied to the pits and grooves of teeth that have shown high risk for developing dental decay. We apply them when we see that a patient has developed a cavity on other similar teeth in their mouth.

Children's Dentistry

Our mission and passion for children is the prevention of dental disease without trauma. Many of our adult patients were traumatized as children, which left long-lasting psychological effects.

Periodontal Services

"Peri" means "Around". "Odontal" means tooth. So it is the examination of the structures surrounding your teeth. Meaning your gums and bone.

Dental X-rays

A dental x-ray is an image that enables us to see underneath the surface of teeth and gums. These images can help us to see decay, infections, impacted teeth...

Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is something that requires immediate attention, even if it means calling the dentist after hours.

Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

Silver fillings, also known as dental Amalgams, are 50% mercury. Somehow, conventional dentistry has convinced people that it's safe to put a highly toxic material into the body. Our office practices safe amalgam removal.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous sedation is ideal for patients who want to be relaxed and calm during their dental appointments. This type of sedative is safe, effective and can be used for patients of all ages.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves taking a small pill or liquid medicine prior to your dental procedure. The medicine is designed to relax and calm you down enough for the work to be done.

Sleep Dentistry

First, we are very sympathetic to your plight! Many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety. We use several methods in our office to help control dental anxiety.

Tooth Extractions

Extractions are done as a way to preserve your oral health and remove problematic teeth. In some cases, you may need to have teeth removed because of advanced...