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Dr. Scott and Dr. Perry are strong believers in medical freedom of choice. We believe that it is our job to inform and educate our patients. We are PARTNERS in your health care decisions, but you are the one who makes those decisions. Our doctors believe in conservative, holistic approaches to regain dental health. Your overall health and well-being are closely linked to your dental health. Prevention of major health problems starts with prevention and management of one's dental health issues and is always the best course of action in keeping your overall health optimized.

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Meet the Doctors

Teresa M. Scott, DDS, MIABDM, AIAOMT, Certified Biological Dentist

Dr. Scott has committed to continuing education throughout her career and has steadily worked through the rigorous requirements to advance in her knowledge and skill sets. This has earned her the coveted and prestigious credentials of a Mastership and Fellowship in Biological Dentistry. To learn more about her, click on the link below.

Meet the Doctors

Rachel I. Perry, DDS, AIAOMT, Certified Biological Dentist

When Dr. Scott got sick, she set out to find someone she could trust with her patients and team members. She knew she was going to have a tough time finding someone she could trust. She looked for 4 years to find just the right person to take over in the event that she could no longer work.  She has found that in Dr. Rachel Perry. Dr. Perry Graduated from New Mexico State University with honors in 2005. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Why choose Us

There are many who claim the moniker of Biological Dentist. Unfortunately, there are those who would say one thing and do another. But our office believes in full authenticity. From the soaps in our restrooms to the cleaners we use, to the things we do when nobody is watching, we insist on doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. THIS is why our patients choose us. Because they recognize the difference.


Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

Silver fillings, also known as dental Amalgams, are 50% mercury. Somehow, conventional dentistry has convinced people that it's safe to put a highly toxic material into the body. Our office practices safe amalgam removal.

Holistic/Biological Dentistry

The belief behind Holistic or Biological dentistry is that your every part of your body is directly connected to your health. We don't like to just fix, check and clean your teeth.


First, we are very sympathetic to your plight! Many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety. We use several methods in our office to help control dental anxiety.